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21.02.2013 Aplikacja Alveolar Gas

Dear Colleague:


I have developed an iPad app for teaching the factors that affect the composition of ?Alveolar Gas?.  This app for the iPad is based on my computer program by the same name that's in the American Physiological Society's peer-reviewed archive of free teaching materials. A student or instructor can manipulate variables like tidal volume, dead space, and the oxygen consumption rate and see how they affect alveolar PO2 and PCO2. The computer program is free and can be downloaded here:


The iPad app is suitable for use either as a classroom demonstration or self-instruction.  It's available in Apple's App Store:

An iPhone version is not available at this time.


Is there a way to make this information available to all of your members?

Thanks for your help.


Best regards,


A.P. (Pete) Shepherd, Ph.D.

Professor (retired)

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio